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With our increasing dependence on the computer, the business is becoming more and more data base. Hence if you lost data, may that be your valuable business documents or your family pictures or even the class works, it well worth a huge. Here comes the importance of data backup.

Data backup helps us to recover data from dead hard drive in case of data loss to avoid disaster. Data backup is not meant for a temporary arrangement. Rather, it is a part of all over cyber hygiene. Even the giant business houses have their own IT cell to look after the matter.

Here we will discuss 5 ways to back up your data and keep it safe easily. These are the solution that will surely make your digital life easy.

External Hard Drive

One of the most popular solutions for data backup is the external hard drive. Accidental damage, thievery, computer viruses, hardware destruction, etc can cause the loss of your valuable data. If you store the data on an external hard drive, you can easily recover data from external hard drive.

Some advanced external hard drives have an automatic backup function that keeps on backing up the data many times a day if you plug it on. You can manually do the same.

Remember to keep the external hard drive away from your system when it is not in use to keep it safe from being stolen or getting any physical damage and make external hard drive recovery easier.

USB Stick or Flash Drive

USB sticks or flash drives are popular mediums of data backup. Flash drives are portable and compatible with both the PC and the Mac. You can transfer all your important files to the USB stick and redeem the data in case of any mishap.

USB Flash Drives are a portable, durable and inexpensive way to back up and keep safe your most valuable asset named data.

NAS Device

NAS that is Network Attached Storage is backing up data by collaborating and share data. The users access the data on a LAN connected by Ethernet. It is beneficial as it can back up many computers at a time and of course, it is inexpensive. Though, you should not use NAS Drive as the solo backup storage.

Cloud service

Cloud service is the most polar way to backup data nowadays. You can avoid data loss due to physical damage or a stolen computer, as the data are backed up and stored in a remote server. The organizations backup and restore all their critical business data by using a web browser. It allows automatic backup and thus became an overall accepted data storage system.

Copy your Data to a CD, DVD, or Blue-Ray Disc

Though, not as popular data backup storage as the above-mentioned data storage system, CD, DVD, or Blue Ray disc are still reliable to back up data. It safely backs up your data in a second location.

Data Backup Processes in a Nut Shell

All the data backup storage is discussed above. It is a vital investment in any business. Considering factors like your needs and budget, you can choose any one of the above. Compare the cost of data backup process with the hard drive recovery cost to choose the proper one for you.

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