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With our growing dependability on the digital medium, data loss becomes an inevitable cause of stress, both personally and professionally. Though, the good news is most of the lost data can be recovered. Here we will discuss two data recovery solutions so that you can choose the right one for your company.

What is Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process of restore data on a storage device, which is inaccessible due to various reasons from the same.

Commonly there are two techniques of recovering lost data. One is, data recovery software, which can be installed and run by you or your IT professionals, and the other way is to partner with a data recovery company to redeem your lost data safely.

The choice of data recovery though is dependent upon the type of data loss. If the software is the reason for data loss, data recovery software is a reliable solution. But if any physical damage or any hardware problem occurs you may need a specialist to do the equivalent.

The Common Causes of Data Loss

As we now know the choice of data recovery solution,

 by and large, depends upon the causes of data loss, here is a glimpse of the common causes of data loss.

  • Human failure or human err that includes file system formatting, accidental deletion, sudden power cut.
  • Software corruption or computer viruses
  • Thievery
  • Hardware destruction

Data Recovery Software Vs Data Recovery Services

To decide which solution is better for your data recovery, you need to know about the process first.

 Data recovery software is designed to recover your data by scanning the device thoroughly. It will give you a preview of every inaccessible data. You have to mark it, copy it, and paste it to another device. The thing to remember is that, don’t write anything while the process is in progress.

On the other hand, data recovery company  is equipped with their specialized technician and advanced technology to recover your data safely and also provide backup services.

Advantages and Disadvantages  of Data Recovery Software

The advantages of Data recovery software are as following:

  • Data recovery software is easy to install
  • It can be used as additional storage of computer
  • It easily can access the lost data at a lower cost and with full confidentiality.

Though there are many disadvantages of the same:

  • It can not access data while physical damage occurs.
  • If you can not select the right Data recovery software for your system, instead of redeeming it, you might lose all your data.

If you can choose the right Data recovery software for your system, it may be proved to be very helpful.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Data Recovery company

The advantages of partnering with a data recovery company  are:

  •  It saves your time.
  • They provide damage-free diagnostic.
  • They save time, money and above all your reputation.

The disadvantages of partnering with a Data recovery company are as following:

  • You can not rely on them fully
  • It is an expensive solution.

Concluding lines

We have discussed here every aspect of data loss and data recovery. Choose a solution according to your problem.

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