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The external drives are inevitable for everyone who uses the system. As the storage space on a computer is limited. It can store data until it fills up. Hence add an external hard drive to the computer configuration is a smart way to manage our data and documents.

The external hard drive is also the best approach to back up our computer. It helps your computer to work without being disrupted due to accidental abnormalities like virus thread or damage in the system, and store important documents. All you have to do is to stay calm when you lost or cannot access any data because all your data is recoverable. We will discuss some dos and don’ts of the external hard drive recovery.


  • Scan your device with an antivirus tool regularly. It may protect your system from virus attacks. Remember to keep your antivirus tool updated.
  • Back up your data at a regular interval.
  • If you cannot access your external device from your system, then try to reconnect it to any other working system. It may help you to recover data from dead hard drive.
  • Turn off your system if any unusual sound comes from it.
  • When you cannot access any data from your computer, don’t worry there are many data recovery software that may help you in hard disk data recovery.
  • If you find any problem accessing data, remove your storage device and keep it in a safe place.
  • Take help from professionals.


  • Don’t panic. This is the uttermost important thing to remember. Because during hardware failure we do panic and make a bad decision which makes things worst. So, don’t panic, stay cool, and take the right decisions for mac hard drive recovery?
  • Don’t try to open your hard drive. Because it needs qualified person more than you. You can only make things worse for them. So wait for the right person to open it and help you in hard drive data recovery.
  • Do not install program applications from an unknown site. It may make your system virus affected.
  • Don’t try home remedies on it, such as keep the drive-in freezer and then try to spin it up.
  • Do not save important data on a hard disc that is virus-affected.
  • Don’t forget to back up your data before reinstallation.
  • Do not run any recovery software or any scan disc, before you know it well.

Ending lines

We have discussed some do and don’ts based on the wrong decision people make during a hard disc crash. The external hard drive is a very useful medium to help you in hard drive recovery. Try to keep faith in professionals who are there to help you.

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