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Data loss is a very common scenario in the IT sector. People are losing their data now and then due to various reasons like hard disc crashes, inappropriate shutting down of the system, malware, virus attack, physical damage, natural disaster, etc. Some of the above-mentioned situations can be avoided. But in some cases, we cannot avoid data loss. We cannot afford the data loss yet. In this crucial moment of our life, the very thought of data recovery services comes to our mind.

With the advancement of technology, the data recovery rate is high and more effective than that of earlier times. Despite the success rate of data recovery company depends on various circumstances like the reason of data loss, condition of the system, etc. Here we will discuss more the effectiveness of the data recovery system.

Data which can be Recovered

As we have already discussed that data recovery depends upon some factors. So it is important to have a clear idea of the circumstances under which deleted data can be recovered. The accidentally deleted data still exists somewhere on the hard drive. So data recovery is possible from such a storage device. But some important points to be noted that:

  • The drive must be handled by trained professionals. You may buy data recovery software and try to recover data by using it by your IT professionals, but remember that they are not specializing in data recovery. So by doing that, you may do more harm instead of redeeming the data.
  • The drive must be opened in a suitable atmosphere which is maintained in the CLEANROOM. A suitable atmosphere denotes suitable temperature and humidity. The data recovery company is the only one who provides you the suitable atmosphere.

Data which cannot be Recovered

The advanced technology and advanced training made it possible to recover the data in most cases. Still, the accuracy rate may differ due to the following circumstances.

  • In case of physical damage to the hard drive, or from a scrapped hard drive data recovery is not possible. Handle your hard drives carefully.
  • If the data was overwritten, it cannot be recovered. When data loss happened, the data is stored somewhere in the hard drive in disguise. As you don’t locate it so avoid saving new files in the same corrupt hard drive.
  • If the operating system of the hard drive, which is the firmware, is damaged, data recovery is not possible.
  • Data recovery is not possible from defragmented hard drives.
  • Most importantly, choose a data recovery company Many such companies assure you of 100% recovery, don’t go with the flow of their assurance. Check their reputation and reviews and choose a reliable company that could assist you.

The Ending Lines

Data Recovery is an effective process that can help you only if you help yourself. Don’t take the wrong decision in the panic of data loss. Stay calm. Don’t wait forever furthermore damages, bring the hard drive to the experts for quick recovery of your important documents

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