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If you have ever experienced a hard drive crash, you must know the first 2 to 3 questions that have come to your mind. Quest number 1: will I get back all my important documents from the dead hard drive? And question number 2, yet the most important question is how much will the hard drive recovery cost? As the causes of data loss are different, hence the cost of remedies should also differ. Here in this article, we will discuss the factors that determine the cost to fix a hard drive.

The factors that determine the cost to fix a hard drive

Many factors determine the cost of hard drive data recovery. The factors are:

  • Type of device failure
  • Data recovery lab equipment and operational costs
  • Professional data recovery engineer
  • Time is taken for fixing the problem

Data recovery can be both a straightforward process and an extremely complex one. As there are different reasons behind the data loss, hence flat rate pricing is difficult. The data recovery company will first inspect the type of failure, only after that, they will give you the quotation of charges.

Type of device failure

The first thing a data recovery company does is that they identify the cause and type of device failure. This will help them to quote the accurate costing. The device failure mainly is of two types:

  1. Mechanical failure: When the system got physical damage it makes loud, creaky, clunky sounds and unusual noises. This type of device failure costs high as it requires CLEANROOM care.
  2. Logical failure: Logical failure includes directory damage, formatting issues, and accidental file deletion. In this type of device failure, you have to pay less than the former.

Other than the above-mentioned the system may be a victim of malware or even the three types of device failure may happen to the system.

Data recovery lab equipment and operational costs

The data recovery lab equipment and operational costs affect the cost of data recovery to an extent. Its cost differs depending on the lab equipment used to fix the hard drive.

Professional data recovery engineer

The data recovery experts generally work on an hourly basis. It also depends upon the type of damage that happens to the system.

Time is taken for fixing the problem

Time works as one of the main factors to determine the cost of fixing the hard drive problem. If you need fast action you need to pay more. And if you have time you can bargain and choose the cheaper.

Concluding lines

The cost of hard drive recovery varies due to the reasons and types of hard drive failure. If any basic damage happens and no heads get damage it will cost low. Whereas the software issues make you pay more. So, don’t panic and don’t get worried about the expenses let them check first.  Above all do not call a person who is not an expert to save your penny, it may cost more in the future.

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