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Are you mystified with the question on your mind that, how often you should back up your data? Data is the most valuable asset of a business nowadays. Hence, the security of this asset is necessary.

This asset is not only materialistically valuable, but also it is important for your time and reputation. Data loss means an interruption in our digital life. Naturally, you would not allow this to happen to you, right!

Here we are to help you with the solution. Here’s the discussion of how and how often you should back up your data to avoid data loss and data recovery procedures.

  • What is data backup and Why it is Important

Data backup means to clone the data of the primary device up to a secondary device. This is done to ease the retrieval procedure after losing data from the primary device. This helps the data recovery company immensely to recover your data intact.

Data backup is important as it not only affects you financially but also it affects your reputation.  You may lose your data due to hardware failure, file corruption, fire, flood, or theft. Besides, power cut, the unwanted delegation also does the same.  So, data backup is of uttermost importance. Also, it costs less than the charges of the data recovery company.

  • How many types of data back up

The ideal backup procedure means making three copies of your data. Two copies on a  secondary hard drive, like External Hard Drive or USB Sticks etc.  And another one on a virtual site like Cloud etc.

Thus by making multiple copies of your important data,  you could easily avoid the disaster of losing data forever. You can do a full backup, an incremental backup, or differential backup according to your need.

  • How Often Should You Back up Your Data

Now that you know almost everything about data backup, you have to decide how regular you should be in case of data backup. Preferably it should be done once a day. Though, there are more things to remember. Like, how often you create new files or change the existing data.

  • If you use your computer rarely or load any data rarely, then it’s ok to back up your data once a month.
  • If you use your computer regularly and create and alter files regularly, then once in a day or even in a week is preferable.
  • If you use your computer randomly or use it on a business or commercial basis, you should back up your data once every 24 hours. Because downtime caused by data loss and data recovery means a great loss in your business. Hence, the heavier your use is, the more is the need for data backup.

To End With

You should back up your data according to your need. But, remember the more often you back up your data the more you secure your data. You can even back up data every time you use your computer.

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