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Are you fade up with a “Low Disc Space” message on your computer screen? Don’t worry this is the most common message seen on almost everyone’s computer. Because we store almost everything on our PC.

That’s why the storage space of computers fills up quickly. And that is, where we need an external hard drive. It is the best solution that helps us in two ways. Firstly, it frees up the storage space of your computer. Secondly, it safely backs up our important documents and helps in hard drive recovery.

As the name suggests external hard drive connects to the computer externally. It is also called a portable hard drive for its convenient size. It merely looks like a book.

It is connected to the computer with a USB cord. You can plug it into any computer and transfer the file securely. It is used as a supplemental storage device.

Here, in this write-up, we will discuss, easy steps to connect the external hard drive to the computer and the uses of an external hard drive.

Steps of Connecting an External Hard drive to the computer

It is easy to connect the External hard drive to the computer.

  • 1st  step: Most of the External Hard drives have a USB connector. Connect one side of the USB connector to the computer and the other end of the cord with the external hard drive.
  • 2nd step: After connecting the external hard drive to the computer, your computer’s system would automatically recognize the external hard drive.
  • 3rd stage: Go to the File Explorer and locate the same in Windows. In macOS,  Finder will open automatically displaying the contents of the external hard drive.

It is important to disconnect the external hard drive from the computer properly to avoid any damage and avoid hard drive recovery costs.

Uses of an External Hard drive

External hard drives are very popular nowadays because of their multiple usages.

  • It increases storage capacity. It means you can store almost every document on it. Every computer has a limited storage space. But we have to save unlimited data onto the computer. So, the external hard drive became so popular to avoid hard drive data recovery.
  • An external hard drive is also used as a backup drive. If the internal hard drive crashes or die or being stolen, you can redeem all your data from the external hard drive. The external hard drive recovery is easy and secured.
  • By using the external hard drive, you can speed up the performance of the system. As you copy all the data to the external hard drive, the internal space gets freed, thus the performance of the computer increased.
  • One of the best things about an external hard drive is its portability. You can carry the external hard drive anywhere you wish. And can run it from any system you want.


An external hard drive helps the computer work at a very high speed. We can easily copy files for safekeeping. So decide how much storage you need for your computer and then buy it. Also, remember to securely disconnect the external hard drive every time after use.

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