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If you are a Mac user you know how your Mac operates. When you have a corrupt hard drive, your Mac will start behaving bizarrely. If you can sense the bizarreness take immediate steps. It will make your work of fixing it easy. If repair is not possible, at least there is a chance to recover your data. File recovery in Mac is far easy than file recovery in windows 10. So before fixing a corrupted Mac let’s know the symptoms of a corrupted hard drive.

Symptoms of a Corrupted Mac Hard Drive

When your Mac has a corrupted hard drive it will show you some symptoms. They are:

  • You will quit an application unexpectedly.
  • Your system will not respond to inputs.
  • You will not be able to open files or move them to new folders.
  • Even you will be unable to start your Mac.

The above-mentioned signs will occur randomly at first and will be increasing with time. Let’s see how you can prevent data from corrupt Mac hard drives and help in data  mac hard drive recovery.

Methods of fixing a corrupted Mac Hard Drive

  • Use Disc Utility

Verify your suspicion, whether your hard is started corrupting or not, is easy in Mac. Restart your Mac and press the Command and R keys. Then select Disc Utility on the screen. Now select the Repair Disc button, the Disc Utility will start to identify and repair the problems.

  • Initiate the FSCK Command

Disc Utility is very effective to repair the corrupt Mac. But in case it fails to do so don’t get upset, Mac has an alternative option. Restart your computer then press Command + S.  Let it scroll until you see the ‘Root’ command. Once you see the ‘Root’ command, type ‘/root#/sbin/fsck-fy’. FSCK will check and try to repair the damage. When it ends its job it will say ‘ok’ and then exit.

  • Recover Mac Hard Drive Data by using Free Software

There are many paid and free data recovery software is available. Though Mac has free data recovery software. Try it to recover your data. Download and install the free software solution. Launch the recovery software on Mac. Select the ‘Search for lost data’ button. Select the files you want to redeem and click the ‘Recover’ button to retrieve them back.

  • Try Time Machine Backup Drive

Connect the Time Machine Back up Disc; open the folder that contains the deleted files. Select the files you want to recover.  Restore the selected files.

  • Hire a Data Recovery Company

If all the above-mentioned methods fail, or you want a quick and secure recovery of your documents Data Recovery Company is the smartest idea. Also, the online file recovery is possible.                              

Prevent Corruption of Mac Hard Drive

It is better to take steps to prevent corruption of your Mac drive.

  • Shut down your Mac safely.
  • Monitor the storage device.
  • Back up the storage drive.

Concluding Lines

We can avoid the data loss problem by following some simple prevention management. Sometimes we cannot avoid data loss. In that case, don’t panic; follow the above-mentioned method, and computer file recovery will not be an issue then.

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