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Computers are the most used equipment in today’s world, and so are external hard drives. The base of any business is now data base. So while working on computers randomly, we should take care of the same.

External hard drives should be handled delicately. Though, it’s not that hard to handle. Here are some tips that will help you to keep an External Hard Drive useful and healthy longer.

Clean the Computer and around Regularly

The memory cells of the External Hard Drive are magnetic. Therefore, keep it away from heat and water; otherwise, it can mess up the data in the drive. Also, it is important to keep the components free from dust and debris. Maximum hard drives failures occur due to overheating of the drive.

So, keep the computer and around clean and use compressed air to clean the dust and debris that may cause a problem. Keep it in case if possible. Remember hard drive recovery cost is increasing day by day.

Don’t download or install any unknown application

Be careful before downloading or installing any unknown application. If any of the software contains a virus or malware, it may affect your hard drive. You may lose data due to malware. The external hard drive recovery is a complicated and time-consuming procedure. So, choose programs to install cautiously.

Update the operating system regularly

Updating the operating system regularly is a procedure that keeps your hard drive healthy and long-lasting, some operating system updates automatically in regular interval, whereas some operating system needs to be updated manually. Updating the operating system at a regular interval makes the system run better, and also keeps the external hard drive healthy.

Defragment of the hard drive

Defragment is a helpful o process that continuously keeps your files. Your system can read the files easily. It not only increases the longevity of the external hard drive but also speeds up the system. Moreover, it helps you to recover data from the external hard drive.

Make the Most of Power Save and Sleep Mode

It is obvious that the less you use your computer the more its longevity increased. But in any business, it is not possible not to use the external hard drive. The simple way to keep the system healthy is to utilize the power saver and sleep mode to prolong the life span of the hard drive.

Shut down the Machine and Eject the HDD properly

Shut down the machine properly after using it. Never eject the HDD forcefully. First, shut down your computer systematically, then plug out it then only eject the hard drive.

Do not overload the hard drive

Delete the unnecessary files at a regular break. You can keep the important yet unused files on a different drive. It’s hard to recover data from a dead hard drive or overloaded hard drive.

Concluding lines

A good care as discussed, taking care of your external hard drive is not too tough. Taking good care and careful handling of the external hard drive improves the longevity of the external hard drive.

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