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Have you ever experienced data loss? Then you will surely know how miserable life becomes after data loss. And by god’s grace, if you are still inexperienced in this field, then cross your finger, my dear friend, this article is typically for you, to help you overcome the miserable situation an tell you how to recover data from a corrupted or crashed hard drive.

Data Loss-Reasons and Precautions

There are mainly two vital reasons for data loss. They are:

  • Physical damage
  • Human Error

If data loss is caused by physical damage to the hard disc, then it’s quite impossible to recover 100% of the loss. in that case, you have to take help from a professional data recovery company.

But if the data loss is due to human err like accidental deletion, power cut before saving data, emptied recycle bin before checking it thoroughly or formatting and resetting system without taking a backup, then you can recover your data. Your IT cell may help you with an external hard drive recovery by installing and running data recovery software.

Though, you can prevent this type of data loss by following some simple precautions. They are.

  • Always save your data before closing any program.
  • Shut down your system properly.
  • Manage your hard disc delicately, so that it does not get fall from a height, or be exposed to too much heat or cold or water droplets.
  • Keep monitoring your UPS.

But accident happens accidentally. Therefore if after following all the precautions you lost your data due to crashed or corrupted hard drive, here are some solutions that may help you in hard drive data recovery.

How to Repair Crashed / Corrupted Hard Drive

  • If the data loss happens due to a corrupted hard drive, it, for the most part, happens during saving a file. Your system will surely give you an indication that there is a need to repair the system files. Fix File System often proved effective in fixing corrupted hard drive automatically and you will succeed in hard drive recovery.
  • If your hard drive is not working on a particular system and working fine on any other system, then you can repair the same by reinstalling your PC.
  • If the crashed external drive does not start working after following the above-mentioned methods, you can try to keep it working by reformatting the crashed hard drive.

If you are unable to repair your crashed or corrupted hard drive even after following all the previously mentioned methods, it is better to call a data recovery company. They are featured with advanced equipment and experienced professionals to help you to recover your data from the corrupted hard drive. Otherwise, hard drive recovery costs will increase.


In maximum case, the data that you thought has been lost, is hidden somewhere, which your system can not read or access. Data recovery software or data recovery companies help to re-access or re-read the files. But, time is very important in redeeming data. So after losing data, do not panic, keep calm, and do whatever you want to do fast.

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