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A hard drive may fail or die for different reasons. Human error, hardware failure, firmware corruption, dust, fur, heat are some of the many reasons. If you are facing a dead hard drive problem right now, then stop your device at this instant. Read his article from any other device to get back your data. We will guide you in detail to recover data from dead hard drive.

Remove the dead hard drive and connect it to another system

One of the most working ways to recover data from a dead hard drive is to remove the dead hard drive from the system and connect it to another working system. First, power off and unplug the system. Then open the case and remove the hard disc safely. Now connect the corrupt drive with another system using a SATA cable or using a USB cradle.

Figuring Out the damage

When the dead drive is connected to a working computer, you can see everything you need to evaluate the damage. You can now transfer all files from it. In some cases, you may find that there is no problem with the hard drive rather the operating system is creating the problem. Another possibility is that the hard disc may appear empty which is even worse. In that case, you will need help from data recovery software for hard drive data recovery.

Run a Data Recovery Software to Revive the Files

Yes, you need to use software that will help you with data recovery. You will find plenty of types of hard drive recovery software that will help you to recover the files easily. You just have to choose the one that goes with your operating system. Choose the software carefully because whether you will be able to recover the data easily or not will depend on the type of software you are using. While choosing the software, don’t think about the hard drive recovery cost. An easier interface will make your work a lot easier.

Save the Data in a Different Drive

The last thing you would want is to overwrite the recovered data. Yes, you will feel excited once you have recovered the data because you thought it would be impossible and now, your valuable data is within your reach. But, hold on, your job is not done yet. You would have to store the data in a different drive so that you don’t overwrite the data. Keep this in mind so that you can safely access the data you recovered later.

Data Recovery in Different Operating System

We have already discussed the process of data recovery from a dead drive. But we must remember that the process is not the same for Mac and that of other operating systems like Windows and Linux. Also, the system is easier than that of Mac.

The Bottom Line

Finally, yes, recovering data from a dead hard drive is possible if you follow the aforementioned steps. In this way, you will easily be able to recover the much-needed data from the hard drive without panicking. So, go ahead and do it.

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