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Nowadays more and more people tend to choose SSD drives as their storage devices. Because SSD or Solid State Drive is less damage-prone, has more longevity. Above all, it is popular because of its speed. But the major drawback of SSD is that if any problem occurs, it is hard to find out the problem until it stop functioning and in case of data loss it is hard to recover data from ssd drive. Here we will discuss some tips that may help you to recover data from the SSD.

As we know that, unlike HDDs, SDDs do not give any indication before complete shutdown. So you should notice minutely whether your SSD is working properly or not. We also will discuss some indications to aware you of the upcoming disaster.

  • Bad Blocks: When you face problems while working on a computer like saving a file or reading a file or moving a file be aware you may going to face problems with your SSD.
  • File System repair: When your computer requires repair but the software shows no damage, you should check the SSD properly.
  • Crashing: When your computer reboots several times and then automatically started working, then immediately takes a step to secure your important documents.
  • Read-only: When all of a sudden your computer goes into read-only mode, it indicates a problem in your SSD.

How to Recover Deleted Data from SSD

True, it’s hard to recover deleted data from a dead SSD, but not impossible. Some recovery options are:

  • Formatting the SSD and re-downloading the operating system.
  • Power cycling the SSD is another useful way of recovering data from SSD. If the SSD drive becomes corrupted due to power failure, this method will help you out.
  • Idle the boot menu is another data recovery option.
  • Another data recovery option is to update the SSD firmware.
  • Updating the drivers is also helpful in data recovery.

Data Recovery Software

If you do not succeed to recover your data by following the above-mentioned methods, then you have another option, which is to download the data recovery software. The most effective way to recover data from ssd drive is the data recovery software. All you have to do is to download and install the software that is appropriate for your system, using the affected SSD drive. It will not overwrite your data, so don’t worry. Then click on the search button to scan the affected SSD for deleted documents. It will take time, don’t haste. After completion of searching select the files, you want to retrieve and store them in a safe location.

How to Choose the Appropriate Data Recovery Software

The first and foremost thing is to decide what is more important, money or documents. Don’t use free tools. Always opt for 100% secured tools. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the proper data recovery software:

  • Choose a trusted provider who has the experience and a reputation.
  • Decide your requirements and the quantity of data you want to recover.

If all the above ways fail to help you, contact a data recovery company whose trained professions will do the needful to help you.

Data Recovery in a Nutshell

Data recovery from a dead SSD is becoming easy day by day. So don’t panic. Just relax and try to follow the above procedures minutely. Once your data is recovered take some safety measurements like back up important data to a separate drive, scan your system regularly, and most importantly avoid physical damage to the SSD. Remember 100% data recovery is not possible. So keep your data safe by following the tiny precautions.

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