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Usually, people prefer to store files on the desktop because it is easily accessible. But many people do not know that it increases the danger of lost data. We lost files by accidental deletion, system crash, or sudden power failure. We can access the desktop files of our Mac from other iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices. So mac hard drive recovery is easier. Still recently the Mac users complained that they lost their desktop files for various reasons. So here we will discuss some solutions to overcome these serious problems.

Reasons for disappearing desktop files on Mac

There are some common reasons for disappearing desktop files on Mac. They  are the following :

  • macOS or Mac OS X update often cause disappearing desktop files on Mac.
  • Mac’s default setting of Finder makes the icons & items disappear on the Mac desktop.
  • There are options to hide files on the Mac desktop.
  • Some false operation deletes items on Mac.

So don’t panic if you cannot access the desktop files. Restart your Mac, you may find all your missing data.

Search files and folders in iCloud

See whether you turn off the iCloud drive. When you did it, all the files and folders on your Mac’s desktop will automatically be cleared. It is not deleted. It will be stored in an iCloud drive. You can restore all your data from the iCloud drive via Finder or through iCloud.com.

Check the stacks to find your data

Stacks automatically organize the desktop files by file type. So if you are unable to find any file on the desktop click on the category. It will reveal all the content in the category. if there is still nothing on the desktop then disable stacks.  It may help computer file recovery.

Use time machine backup

As we all know that ‘Precaution is better than cure ‘ you should back up your Mac with the time machine. Thus you can recover your files when the startup disk got damaged. Backup is the best idea for online file recovery.

Use the data recovery tool

If after following all the steps stated above, you can not access your data that means you have deleted the folder mistakenly without any backup. Then you have no other way than to use a data recovery tool to recover the desktop files and folders on your Mac.

System recovery options in Windows & Linux

Unlike the recovery system in Mac, the system recovery option on Windows and Linux is easier. You can access the tools by rebooting the computer or access the tools from the system rescue CD. The more advanced the operating system, the more complicated the recovery system.

Concluding lines

Here in this article, we are trying to endow you with some tips to overcome the problems caused by data loss on your Mac. If the above-mentioned tips cannot help you, contact qualified personnel. Remember file recovery windows 10 and that of Mac is not the same. So you have to pay more attention to keep your Mac working.

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