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Importance of Clean room Labs in Data Recovery

When browsing through the various Data Recovery Websites, the most exploited term you would notice is “Clean room Labs”. While this term is simple enough to make one comprehend that the data is recovered in a clean laboratory, however, its importance is way beyond. So, what exactly a clean room work environment or engineered space is? Well, this guide will give you a peek into it.


A Cleanroom is a controlled setting maintaining an extremely low level of airborne particulates such as dust, microbes, particles, and chemicals of solid or liquid matter. The sterility of such an environment is calculated by the number of particles per cubic meter at particular particle size. This implies that a cleanroom can be one of different sizes, configurations, and classifications. 

This brings us to the question that what type of clean room lab that you should trust when approaching a  data recovery expert to recover your valuable data?

The Sensitivity of the Location from Where Data is Recovered

A regular hard drive stores the data in the form of magnetic fields inside the platters (circular disks). The space between the magnetic read/write heads and these platters is of mere microns and extremely sensitive to foreign particles. If you get your hard drive treated by a data recovery expert outside of a clean environment, small airborne particles can impact the success of data recovery negatively. When any such foreign matter makes its way into that negligible tiny space, it could cause a collision of the heads with the platters, leading to irreversible damage.

To overcome this vulnerability of data loss, always trust a data recovery service provider with certified Clean room laboratories. With a certified clean room, you can be completely assured of reliable filtration and circulation of air, way cleaner than what we breathe. And though it’s a fact that no Clean room (of any class) can eliminate the particulate in the air completely, most certified clean rooms are conducive to providing an environment safe enough to recover your hard drive without any kind of airborne intrusion.


The Cleanroom Laboratories at our various DATA RECOVERY VISION facilities are Class 100 ISO Certified. Even though there is no specific “Industry standard” for data recovery at present, our Cleanroom environment is of standards practiced by electronics, pharmaceutical products, and medical equipment manufacturers.

We utterly understand the importance of your valuable data. Thus, we have not left any stone unturned in employing the top data recovery professionals and providing them with the industry’s best equipment and technology. Our ever-increasing list of satisfied clients is the testimony of our robust service over the years. We take pride in both our equipment and our experience in the data recovery field and believe you will as well. If you have any further questions about our facilities, you can reach us at [email protected] | +1 (800) 915-5457.

So, before you try to follow a how-to guide from YouTube or hire a local Data Recovery technician, allow us the opportunity to prove our excellence.


Regardless of the type of device or level of damage your device has suffered, our experts can analyze the possibility of recovery in a matter of minutes for free/at a reasonable price. You can trust our technicians for the following services:

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