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Have you ever experienced data loss? If the answer is yes then you must know how stressful an experience it is.  All your business documents, important files may lose with a click.  You may lose your files accidentally by deleting, formatting, or by any other means. Data recovery is nothing but the process that restores lost data. It makes the malfunctioned hard drive work again. Several companies will help you to recover data from external hard drive. Let’s see which recovery company best suits your needs.


It is the most important factor when you are choosing a company that will help to recover your lost data. You have to do vivid research indeed. You have to make a list of companies. Then go through the reviews. Thus make the list shorter.

Check the reputation of the company

The data recovery industry grows very fast. Every company will claim that they are the best. Which is not. Therefore you have to check the reputation of the data recovery companies you are selected. Don’t look at the size of the business. There may be a small company that has skilled employees. It is better to rely on skilled persons for external hard drive recovery.

Transparency of data Recovery Company

Many big and reputed organizations have skilled personnel and have good reviews but they lack transparency. When you choose a data recovery company try to gather all the information properly. The hard drive recovery cost is itself an expensive procedure. So ask them for a detailed breakup. There should not be any hidden cost. They should inform you of the procedure and money worth it in detail. Always believes in a company that has transparency. No matter how big or small the company is.

Check their security policies

The most important factor you should look for while choosing a data recovery company is its security policies. A good service provider should follow all the means with integrity to protect your personal and professional data. Ask them about their backup and preservation procedures. Enquire for how long they keep the data and how they wipe them up. Be sure about the security policies before choosing a company to recover data from dead hard drive.

Cost of data recovery

Finally, as money matters, tally the price list of your shortlisted company. Choose the company which you afford. But remember, affordable also means cheap. But you should not expect the best service at a cheap price.


As you search for the best data Recovery Company, remember that this is about revering your essential data which is very important for your business. So, it needs a careful search before choosing one. All the points discussed above will surely help you to find out the best data recovery company.

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