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Data backup is the most important thing to do in business now. The success of your business depends upon the way you store and back up your data. There are as you know two types of data storage. They are tape backup and hard drive or disc backup.

Which type of backup will you choose for your business is up to you. We will help you in this regard by giving you all the details.

Tape Data storage

Tape data storage is used by many companies. Especially small to medium-sized businesses use this type of backup. There are many facilities for using tape backup. It can be removed and stored safely offsite. Longevity is another positive side of this type of storage. It may last as long as 30 years. Here we will discuss some pros & cons of Tape data storage. Moreover, tape data recovery services are affordable and reasonable.

ü  Virus Protection ×        Slow access speed
ü  Ease of Transport ×        High setup cost
ü  Lower cost ×        Potential media issues
ü  Simple replication ×        Limit scalability

Hard Disc Data Storage

A hard disc drive is used to store different types of virtual data and software applications. It enhances the storage limit of the computer. It can be easily upgraded. You can replace the drives without losing any data. Besides storing data it can copy the data much faster than any other type of storage device. Also, the hard drive data recovery is much easier than that of others. The hard drive is the most important part of the computer. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of hard disc data storage.

ü  Security ×        Easily breakable
ü  Speed ×        Limited space
ü  Reliability
ü  Portability

Comparison between the two Data Storage

Both the Tape Data Storage and hard drive data have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s do a quick comparison to ease your choice.

  • Capacity

While tape data storage can store up to 5 TB of compressed data, the hard drive data storage can store only 4 TB.

  • Speed

The write speeds of the tape drives are approx 500 MB/s, while that of hard drive data storage is only130 MB/S.

  • Cost

The most important factor before buying external data storage is the cost. In this sphere, tape data storage is expensive than tape data storage.

Concluding Lines

We have discussed all tape data storage and hard disc data storage. Hard disc data storage is the better solution for data backup. But tape backup is excellent in archiving data. While seeing the primary cost, it seems that tape data storage is cheaper but in long run, it is proved to be of high cost. But as you know your need and limitation of works, you have to decide which one is the best for your business. The tape data storage is much more reliable than any other storage device. Its low risk of data loss and longevity make it popular.

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