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The company uses digital data recovery tape to secure critical infrastructure, so although specific tape formats have outstanding long-term stability, they aren’t ideal. If your tape backup fails, you’ll require a data recovery provider that has the latest hardware and a lot of expertise to handle the case properly.

Tape recovery facilities are available for hundreds of new and legacy cartridges, including AIT, DDS, DAT, LTO, DLT/SDLT, AIT/S-AIT, and all IBM formats, at Tape Data Recovery Services. We will usually recover your data within a few days if poor storage conditions have damaged your tape, hardware malfunctions, unintentional overwrites, or some other cause.

A variety of factors causes tape failure and data loss.

  • Operational errors, expired recordings, tape mishandling, or unintended overwrites triggered by incorrectly inserting or partly formatting the wrong tape are all examples of corruption.
  • Loss caused by fire, flood, or other natural disasters: missing tapes, polluted drives, and damage caused by fire, flood, or other natural disasters
  • Modern applications or computers cannot read data on tape as a result of software upgrades.

Even though tape has a long life span as a data storage medium, many may go wrong and render the data unavailable. Our tech team has seen just about everything. The following are few instances of good recoveries:

  • Tapes that have been repeatedly overwritten (including DLT)
  • Data from LTO (Ultrium) tape media that has been quickly deleted or partly overwritten
  • Tapes that have been snapped or that have been burned
  • Tapes that have been harmed by toxins and smoke
  • Problems with software or a lack of backups
  • Tapes that have been submerged in rainwater and mud
  • Physical injury, whether deliberate or unintentional

Our Tape Data Recovery team also offers additional services.

If you believe that your recordings have been destroyed after being inaccessible for an extended period, contact us instead of trying to retrieve the files on your own. We, unlike you, have all of the requisite equipment and software for a good repair. We assume you want to store the data you recover from old tapes on more reliable storage media for better connectivity and reliability. Apart from data recovery, Tape Data Recovery Services also provides data migration and conversion services, which can assist you in extracting data from outdated media and transferring it to new storage systems. As previously mentioned, our team operates with a vast selection of drives, meaning that it can read and write data from all of the tape formats described above.

  • Linear Tape Data Recovery Services (LTO)
  • Ultrium Digital Linear Tape Ultrium Digital Linear Tape Ultrium Digital Linear Tape (DLT and SDLT)
  • Cartridges and Reels for IBM (3590 etc.)
  • Cartridge with a diameter of a one-quarter inch (QIC)
  • Data8 Digital Data Storage (AIT and S-AIT) (DDS)
  • Tape Recorder (Digital) (DAT)

Vast quantities of data are preserved on tapes in companies that have remained in operation for more than four decades. However, due to technological constraints and incompatibility problems, it might not be feasible to access the data when it is urgently needed. Please contact us, and we will provide you with a simple solution that will not disappoint you. Such cartridges and cassettes are also supported; for more information on Tape Data Recovery Services, please contact our experts’ team.

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