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With our increasing dependence on the computer, we all know how much it is stressful to have our hard drive crash. As all our necessary business documents and other important data are in the threat of being lost. So let’s try to relieve your stress. Here in this write-up, we will try to cover up all the points you need to know about hard drive recovery. As we all know hard drive recovery is the process of retrieving data from a hard drive that is corrupted or gets physical damage.

Things to be Avoided

Before we discuss things we should do to recover our lost data from a corrupt hard drive we have to know what we should not do if when our hard drive is malfunctioning.

  • We should not do panic.
  • We should not continue using the corrupted hard drive.
  • We should not repeatedly plug or unplug the drive from the computer.
  • We should not save any new data to the corrupted drive.
  • We should not hear from the person who is not a specialist and do more harm to the corrupted drive.

Reasons for Data Loss

If we don’t know the reasons for data loss it will be tough to retrieve it back. There are several reasons responsible for losing data from the hard drive. They are

  • Deleting file mistakenly.
  • Unexpected system shutdown or application failure
  • Virus attack
  • Physical damage of the hard disc.
  • Corrupted hard disc.


Here are the reliable methods that will help you to redeem back your lost data that is these methods will help you in your hard drive data recovery.

·        Data Recovery Software

The most effective and easiest way of recovering deleted data from a dead or corrupted hard drive is to turn to professional data recovery software. The software will scan for all lost data. You can choose files from the preview and recover them. Remember to select a different drive to save the recovered files.

One more thing to add is, the data recovery software differs in the case of Windows. Mac OS, and Linux. Choose the software accordingly.

·        Recycle Bin / Trash

If you have mistakenly deleted any important data, there is a high probability that you can find it in the Recycle Bin/ Trash respectively. So, check the Recycle Bin every time you delete any files. That will ensure that you are not deleting any important files.

·        Hard Drive Repair

If you are troubled by hard drive corruption, bad sectors, and internal errors that make you lost your important data. You should try to repair the hard drive using the hard drive repair tool included with your operating system. Like CHKDSK in Windows, First Aid in MacOS, etc.

The Concluding Lines

Here in this article, we have discussed all Hard Dive Recovery. When all the above-mentioned methods failed, don’t hesitate to call a professional who will guide you and help you in this regard. Remember hard drive recovery cost is cheaper than the value of all the important documents.

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