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The worst problem of today’s life is data loss. This can make your whole day, and often some days miserable. Things get worst if you don’t have any data backup. You might have a desperate need of some files which have been lost due to some unavoidable circumstances. But the words of hope are, all data that are lost are not lost. They are rather hidden somewhere.  That means that you can still recover the file within a limited period. Here comes the importance of the data recovery tool.

What is a data recovery Tool?

Data recovery is the process of recovering lost data. The recovery tool helps you to search the lost or inaccessible files. It works fast, searches thoroughly, and thus makes your job easy to find your data.

Here’s a list of some free and paid tools for you in your DATA RECOVERY SOLUTION.

Best Tools To Recover Data


Recuva is an amazingly helpful tool to recover deleted documents, pictures, videos, etc. from PC/Mac, external hard drives, USB drives, CD, and more. It can even restore data from the recycling been even after it is emptied.

Recuva helps you to find deleted data by a quick and deep scan. It recovers the overwritten files and even the securely deleted files.It is available in both free and paid versions.


Pandora’s is another yet one of the most powerful tool. “Disc Drill” is the new name of the Pandora Data Recovery Programme. This software has a quick and deep scan option that helps to get back your data safely. It is available both in free and paid versions.

“Disc Drill helps to recover lost and deleted files from SD cards, internal drives, and external discs even from a virtual platform.

This user-friendly tool gives you a preview that helps to save your time and data.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the most effective yet non-destructive tool. It can recover data from HDD/ SDD, format recovery, raw recovery, and other data loss cases. You can recover photos, videos, audio, documents, email and web files, important documents everything very quickly.

People like t because it is a read-only tool that does not affect your original data; it specifies the file type and helps in precision search.

Puran File Recovery

Puran File Recovery is user-friendly software. It helps you in deleted file recovery, formatted recovery, corrupted file recovery, partition recovery. You can recover photos, videos, audio, documents, email and web files, important documents everything very quickly.


As we have discussed some of the most popular and effective tools for recovering the data, it will help you to choose among them and make your job of restoring data easy. Many other tools or software may help you, but the most important thing to remember is that your system should not be damaged physically and the recovery tool may not restore 100% of your deleted data. So back up your data is the safest way to protect your data from being lost.

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