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Digital Forensics is a process of preservation, identification, and documentation of digital evidence that can be used in criminal and civil cases. In this high-tech world, digital devices are a critical aspect of working and social environment, so it is no surprise that most of the "evidence" is stored on these digital devices including computers, mobile phones, servers, or networks. Providing forensically verifiable results is a forte of the skilled professionals who knows how to deliver the best in the most difficult times of data loss.

In this leading industry, Vision Infotech Inc. offers an experienced and forensically certified process that will reveal all the previously hidden secrets in the complex digital world. The skilled technicians are using high tech forensic tools to find out and disclose electronic evidence which has been deleted or formatted intentionally. We are known to deliver expert digital forensics services to our clients with highly-secured surroundings.

Our Forte Digital Forensics Services

Being an industry leader, it’s our responsibility to deliver the best. Our trained experts have decades of experience in collecting, preserving, and analyzing the pieces of evidence. Have a look at our specialized services should be offered by experienced engineers of our team:

  • Digital Forensics : The digital forensics experts ensure that, regardless of the device or storage media, all relevant evidence is rightfully gathered, identified, analyzed, and reported to the highest professional standards without such information leaks.
  • Mobile Forensics : Our highly-qualified mobile forensic examiners are professional in applying the latest and state-of-the-art forensic technology to assist investigators in preserving the crucial evidence in such major investigations.
  • DVR Recovery : With the cutting-edge techniques and tools, the professionals are dedicated to providing the best DVR recovery suite as appropriate to the situation.
  • Imaging and Erasure : We are known to perform exceptional imaging capabilities for the system as well as providing other necessary services including re-imaging, re-use, or security purposes to any level required.
  • Analysis & Investigation : Our deeply skilled and knowledgeable forensic engineers offer you the best source of expertise in the recovery and make sure to analyze the potential evidence from any digital device or storage media. Therefore we offer complete certified services with the most appropriate and current investigative methods.
  • Expert Testimony : We are a clear leader in the digital forensics field with the most qualified forensic experts, who are known to deliver their best services to potential clients within the promised time.

Data analysts working with Vision Infotech Inc. have a deep understanding of processing structured and unstructured data and always goes far beyond solving standard forensic problems. With the help of Digital Forensics experts, we are able to solve custom projects or custom-built systems.

Legal Forensics Services We Are Committed To Offer

Despite the investigation calling for our expert forensics service, we collect, protect, and analyze applicable information utilizing strategies that bring about an evidence chain-of-custody whose credibility will stand up in a courtroom. Few of the major legal forensics services that we offer are:

  • Divorce & Custody
  • Intellectual Property Cases
  • Infidelity Investigations
  • Employment & Contracts
  • Insurance Claims
  • Social Media Analysis

Our versatile Forensic Engineers have immense experience at recovering data from physically damaged devices and in maliciously deleted data situations. We are certified and hold an SSAE16 Type SOC II certification. While dealing with the customer's data during a forensics investigation our specialists and staff keep up a strict chain of custody and deliver the most grounded results possible. Our dedicated team of data experts will walk you through the project in plain terms and cover all aspects of your case to convey forensically checked outcomes. For more details contact our 24*7 available customer support number to have a detailed conversation about the service.

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