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Tape Data Recovery Service To Cut Damaging Flaws

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Have you lost your tape data because of failed tape media, miscarried tape libraries, configuration issues, internal cartridge mechanism failure, or any other reason? Seek the help of professionals to recover data from all types of tape drives such as QIC, DDS 3, DAT, Mammoth 2, Super DLT, SAIT, etc., regardless of the reason for data loss.

Professional tape data recovery services can help you to get back all your important information. With the benefit of advanced tools and techniques, you can easily get the best tape recovery services in any data loss situation. By getting the tape data recovery service, it is assured to recover up to 100 % data from tape drives, which are broken, entangled, or may have any other physical damage. Our experts are dedicated and well-trained to recover data from encrypted tape drives as well as from all logical data loss situations within several days. With us, you get flexible service options, offering by the team of experienced engineers and industry-leaders in the United States.

Stop wasting your precious time and call our customer service team today to set up a free evaluation for your tape media recovery.

First Step To Take When Digital Storage Tapes Fail

At the point when data tapes fail, you have to find a way to prevent accidental media damage. You are advised to turn off your tape drive instantly to avoid any major loss. In addition to this, never attempt to read a data cartridge if in case you believe that your tape drive is broken or malfunctioning in any way.

So, whether you need to handle and cure a single tape or a complete library of high-density cartridges, the specialists will take quick action to restore your data.

Below you can find some of the most common symptoms that accompany tape failures. The list includes:

  • Tape Drive Doesn't Identify Media
  • Tape Drive Creates Error Messages
  • The tape is Flipped, Folded or Torn
  • Files are Partially Readable
  • Files Available on Tape are Corrupt

If you found any of these issues, we recommend you to turn off your drive, as this step will drastically reduce the risk of unintentional damage.

Note: Make sure to not attempt to repair your cartridges by own and never touch data tape. In this scenario, contact our executive as soon as possible to discuss repair options.

Proven Solutions For All Types of Tape Repair Technology

Have a look at the types of tape drives for which we offer data recovery solutions.

Tape Drive Data Loss Situations Data Recovery Solution
  • Tape damaged due to dust, moisture, or heat
  • Entangled tape media
  • Broken media
  • Stuck tape
  • Failed tape library
  • Damaged cartridge
  • Tape unreadable
  • Errors while repairing including “No backup sets found”
  • Catalogue not created
  • Backup configuration issues
  • Errors while accessing data restored from backup
  • Data restored from backup shows trash values
24 Hours available Professional Data Recovery Service For You

We achieved our reputation as an industry leader by serving exceptionally consistent results for data tape recovery. We are best known to offer safe repairs, high recovery rates, and fast services.

When you are looking for a medium to quickly access files on a damaged or corrupt data tape, we are here for you. With us, you get all the safe options as we hold more security certifications and always ready to help you recover from virtually any disaster. To get more details about the services, contact our 24/7 customer service line today.

How Much You Need To Pay For File Recovery Service?

The File recovery service cost will be estimated by the professionals only after the complete analysis of the affected storage device. However, the file recovery cost depends upon the following parameters:

  • Device condition
  • Type of damage your storage device has suffered
  • Device data storage capacity

After a thorough analysis, we can confirm the costs.

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